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Oakland, California, United States | Full-time | Fully remote



Organization description is a nonprofit startup that uses technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy. We believe that Americans want to vote and will vote in higher numbers -- and more consistently -- as voting becomes more convenient. We launched in April 2016 and have since helped millions of Americans register to vote and cast ballots through a combination of best-in-class technology and innovative outreach. Our work has the potential to impact the outcome of elections by bringing millions more voters to the voting booth. is deeply committed to diversity. We strongly encourage women, black, indigenous, and people of color, first-generation Americans, new parents, single parents, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community to apply. 

Job Description

About is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to simplifying political engagement, increasing voter turnout, and strengthening democracy. By leveraging innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, strives to break down barriers to voting and empower every eligible citizen to exercise their democratic rights. is deeply committed to diversity. We strongly encourage women, black, indigenous, and people of color, first-generation Americans, new parents, single parents, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community to apply.  


Job Description:

As a key member of the executive team, you will have a problem-solving mindset, comfort with managing complex projects, and a get-it-done approach to our work. You will act as a stand-in for the CEO in certain meetings and take on special projects. We’re looking for a strategic, tenacious, creative, inspired, detail-oriented professional.

Specific Duties:

  • You will oversee special projects and initiatives from development through successful execution under the guidance of the CEO.
  • You will own behind-the-scenes preparation to make the CEO’s initiatives successful, including the research, tracking, monitoring, and execution of action items. 
  • You will act as an advisor, collaborator, and thought partner to the CEO.
  • You will work with the executive assistant to manage and triage the executive's workflow, prioritizing, delegating, and completing work on behalf of the executive.
  • You will add structure and process for better communication within the executive office and will ensure executive activities are running efficiently.
  • You will work closely with the CEO and COO to staff the Board of Directors, administrating the planning of and follow-up from board meetings and ensuring timelines and processes are aligned and coordinated.  
  • You will act on behalf of the executive for greater visibility and accessibility, preventing bottle-necking and promoting decision-making when the executive cannot be present.

Required skills and experience:

  • You have extensive project management experience. You set clear timelines and drive projects to completion. You are adept at connecting work streams that would otherwise remain siloed while being respectful of boundaries.
  • You have excellent communication skills. You are direct, concise, and resilient. You speak and write with a situation-appropriate tone, whether over the phone, in person, e-mail, memos, PowerPoint, snail mail, or social media channels. 
  • You have demonstrated research skills. You know how to ask the right questions to get the right answers. You are curious and meticulous but also creative when it comes to finding a solution. 
  • You have served as a board liaison before, playing a leading role in board governance, recruitment, and development, in addition to supporting regular communications with the board of directors on behalf of the CEO.
  • You are trustworthy. You handle confidential and sensitive information with humility and professionalism. You can be a truth-teller when your boss needs another perspective.

Bonus Experience:
We’re hoping you bring two or more of these bonus skills to our team: 

  • You have a diversity of experience in executive team leadership. Maybe you’ve been with both an agency and a nonprofit organization. Or maybe you’ve worked in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds.
  • You’re familiar with voting-related issues, as well as organizations in the space and how they position themselves.
  • You’ve worked on a small team (10 or fewer people).
  • You’ve worked remotely.

Why join our team - why now?

  • We exist in service of a critical mission - and we’re just getting started. Our team does high impact, meaningful work every single day. Right now, our world often feels like a kick in the teeth. Working at is an antidote to this feeling. Our staff members work actively each day to change this status quo. 
  • We’ve got a track record of results. reaches more voters of color and young voters than any other program in the nation. Over the course of the year ran the largest voter mobilization program in our history, making more than 650 million voter contacts among these traditionally underserved groups. Millions more used’s digital tools to register, verify their registration, request an absentee ballot, find their polling location and more.
  • Our work allows you to be flexible. Working with is a short commute. We all work from home, and it is, frankly, the best. Live and work wherever you’d like as long as it’s in the United States, and so long as you can get to a major airport to travel to support our work when needed. We trust you. Need to take 3-5 PM off every day to hang out with your kids after school? Have a doctor’s appointment? No problem. We care more about the quality, the results, and the outputs of the work you do, not about when you do it, or how long it takes.
  • We believe that when you feel your best, you do your best. We are proud to offer excellent health benefits. We offer fully covered health, dental and vision for our employees, and generous coverage for your partner and family. Our time off is generous.
  • We reward our staff competitively. We offer 401(k) and a Roth 401(k) retirement options, since we want you to retire one day. 
  • We believe in cultivating a cohesive and inclusive team culture. As an organization, we are deeply committed to diversity. We strongly encourage women, people of color, first-generation Americans, new parents, single parents, people with disabilities, members of the queer community, and talented individuals from all backgrounds to apply to join us. 

To apply, submit your cover letter and resume via our website. is an equal opportunity employer. This means that we don't discriminate against people because of their race, ethnicity, sex, age, religion, national origin, marital status, pregnancy, personal appearance, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, family responsibilities, matriculation, genetic information, or political affiliation.